Sorority Woman Gets Kidnapped Through Tinder


If you’re aware of the dangers that Tinder and other dating apps and sites pose, then you’re ahead of the game. But it doesn’t mean that you’re exempt from getting harmed just because you’re aware of the potential sketchy and even deadly consequences that come with dating strangers through the internet. If you’re someone that never worries about the scary things that can happen to you through online and app dating- listen up, because this article is for you.

A 20-year-old student and Lawrence sorority member met Shane Steven Allen through Tinder and met him in person once before he picked her up from her sorority house on a Tuesday afternoon. No one thought that the woman wouldn’t be returned for nearly a week later- which is exactly what happened.

After Allen had picked up the student, they returned to his home- a trailer- and just “hung out” for a while in the beginning. The woman did a homework assignment, and Allen invited some friends over to hang out. Sounds innocent, no? Well, it took an insane turn for the worse. Allen then became jealous after accusing the woman of flirting with his friends, which she denied. Despite her denial, Allen proceeded to punch the woman in the face which gave her a black eye, all the while knocking her to the ground and continuously beating her. The woman asked to be taken home, but Allen refused, saying that they had to wait until the swelling went down on her face. He then choked her until she passed out. What a gentleman, are we right? No. We’re sure that so far, you are sick to your stomach with this story, but sadly it’s not over yet.

This woman was held captive in the trailer for six more days, and Allen never left her side. She was continuously beaten, strangled, kicked, and obviously was kept against her will despite her numerous pleas to be taken home. So why didn’t she just leave? This is a question many of you are probably asking. The student claimed she feared Allen would kill her if she left. This fear was not foolish, as she claims at one point Allen held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. You might be asking, weren’t her friends worried? Allen even went as far as to force the student to send her friends Facebook messages assuring them that she was okay and would be back soon. This man had total control.

For whatever reason on the morning of April 18th when the woman asked Allen to take her back home, he agreed, and she promised she wouldn’t contact police. Upon her arrival, her sisters noticed the gruesome injuries to her entire body and was immediately taken to the hospital and told police all the details of her six days with Allen.

Police arrested Allen on April 22nd, and he’s facing felony charges including kidnapping and battery. If convicted, he could face up to 32 years in prison. This woman was brutally injured, but at least she made it out alive. Can you imagine what would have happened if she wasn’t able to go home that day? This story should be a wake-up call to women using sex dating apps and dating sites everywhere, including Tinder. Meet in public places, use the “find my friends” app so your friends can locate you at all times, and if you feel ever uncomfortable or unsure about the situation get the hell out of dodge.