Top 3 Hottest Soccer Players

If you follow soccer at all, then you’ve seen, watched and drooled over these hunks whether it’s during their game, modeling ads or any paparazzi pictures plastered over social media.

It seems a little unfair and almost impossible to be this ridiculously good looking and incredibly talented. But hey I’m not complaining, trust me.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate and drop our jaws to the ground realizing that these men are all over the age of 30 and look better than half of the current men in their prime.

1. David Beckham:

This hunk has been apart of the soccer world for the past twenty years playing for the Manchester United and L.A. Galaxy to which he decided to announce retirement four years ago. Let’s just say he’s not retiring because his body and age aren’t equipped because pretty sure he is aging backward. If there were any man considered a DILF, it would have to be this man, and he even created just as beautiful children passing on that irreplaceable genetics.

Even with all of the various injuries he has had, it doesn’t mean he’s ever been out of the spot light because when you mix such skill and attractiveness together, you get pure magic. I would probably pay to watch him just live his daily life and interact with people because any accent with this jawline, how could it be humanly possible?

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Also seen playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid, this gorgeous man is aging a little too well. What are they putting in the water over there to produce such good looking men, especially the ones that play professional soccer? Starting at the age of ten he has made his name known throughout the world for his looks and ridiculous passion for this sport.

His foot work and distinct technical foot moves would have anyone in the stands turn into hard core fans because you know that this guy is here for the fun of it. Every single game you can see him flashing his million dollars pearly white smile causing an uproar not only in the stands but everyone’s pants as well.
3. Olivier Giroud:

Signing his first professional contract at 21, this hair flipping babe has instantly won over every soccer fan’s heart, especially in France. Ever since his start he keeps moving up and ranking even higher than the year before due to his outstanding performances and let’s be honest; he’s not incredibly hard to gawk at.

Throughout all of his tours and championship, this man has steadily been on the rise proving that looks and skill can go hand in hand.

Even if you aren’t the biggest soccer fan you have to admit these names do ring a bell, so look them up and recognize real beauty and talent because these men are it. Another reason why soccer is just so damn exciting to watch.

If you want to see more of the hottest soccer players in the world, then check out the video below!