5 dating tips for shy girls

Just because you’re a little timid and reserved doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting yourself out there and dating around. Unfortunately, the girls that receive the most attention are the loud, rambunctious ones with the outgoing personalities but that doesn’t mean someone won’t like you any less.

There are many perks to being a little shy and not putting everything out there for everyone to see so instead of looking at it like a weakness remember it’s a strength making it work to your advantage. Take a peek at all the tips that will guarantee you a good time during any date you go on.

1. Pick The Place:

Even though it’s super romantic when the guy chooses a spontaneous and secret surprise for the first time, put your foot down and decide. If you take him to a place or restaurant that you’re familiar with you will already feel comforted by a familiar place.
Especially when it comes to particular food or activity that just so happens to be your favorite thing ever, giving you a slight upper hand and a confidence booster.

2. Rely On Nonverbals:

You don’t necessarily have to be chatty Kathy for everything to go smooth, sometimes it’s better to sit back and depend on the body language and non-verbal. Show your interest in your eye contact, slight touching and listening to the words coming out of his mouth.
It’s important to truly display your emotions whether you can’t stop yourself from smiling the entire time or seem to be a little confused by the topic, shy people are usually more expressive with their face rather than trying to impress by talking up a storm.

3. Set Up Multiple Dates:

Make sure you’re not solely relying on one date to get out of our dating dry spell because it just causes this certain desperation for it to work out perfectly and turns out to be absolutely devastating if it doesn’t. Instead, have multiple dates lined up throughout the month, so you’re not discouraged if one doesn’t work out because chances are you’re not going to find prince charming on the first time around.

If it were that easy, then no one would be single so make sure you’re taking multiple people into consideration before swearing men off.

4. Get Good Pep Talks:

This is where your friends come into play and remind you that you’re a total catch. Putting yourself out there can be so intimidating and nerve-racking, so everyone could use a little pick me up before a big date.

Make sure you’re reaching out to your closest friends that know you inside and out so they can remind you of all the qualities that make you great and give you any helpful and constructive advice you’d be willing to take.

5. Try All Dating Platforms:

Online dating is probably the best way to start because there’s no way you’re going to want to go up to every attractive guy you see to ask him on a date. Even the most outgoing girls still get shy sometimes when it comes to a hot guy so just download some dating or hook up apps and take it from there. Also, keep an open mind when it comes to blind dates or getting set up because those still do work.