Here’s Why Smartphone Games Are So Addictive

Almost no matter where you go, you can find people of all ages staring down at their smartphones poking away at some game. The ever-growing rise in smartphone usage around the world also bred a surging growth of smartphone gaming.

Many people who have never even owned a gaming system are now able to download games straight to their phones with the touch of their fingers for little to no money. There are sports games, shooter games, racing games, puzzle games, drawing games, classic games, brain games, card games, adult games, and many, many more.

With all of these options, people are literally all ages are finding themselves invested in some type of smartphone game now more than ever. And here’s why:

You Can Play On the Go

One of the best and most addicting parts about smartphone games is that they are complete, 100% mobile. This means that you can be playing in your living room on the couch, then be picked up by a friend in order to head to the beach, and still be playing the same exact game. Sometimes, people do so without even closing down the application the entire time.

You could be on a cross-country drive with family, waiting at the airport for your flight, or sitting in the back of the church waiting for mass to begin, all while playing your favorite game on your smartphone. And what’s really cool is that many games for actual consoles, such as Ps4 and Xbox, have created smartphone versions that allow you to play your favorite and most familiar games, now just anywhere.

You Can Play Anywhere

You can play anywhere…as long as you have an Internet connection—if it’s required for the game, that is. But seriously, you can play your smartphone games just about anywhere you’ll want to play your smartphone games.

You can play them in the car, on a plane, in class, at lunch, at the beach, on a rollercoaster, in church—seriously, just about anywhere. If the smartphone game you wish to play doesn’t even require an Internet connection then you’re options are even greater. You could be backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, with no cell coverage for 30+ miles, but you can still enjoy your morning coffee over a hand-built fire while playing your favorite smartphone game.

So, essentially, you can’t get away from the games and that is why they can become so addicting.

Games with Levels

Many smartphone games are addicting because, in a sense, they can be never-ending. Meaning that there’s no end goal simply besides beating all the levels. There isn’t a princess you have to save or a giant gorilla you must defeat, many times there are just continuous levels that grow harder and more challenging every time, pushing your skills to the limit and making you eager to improve.

Now, there can be and there are many smartphone games that work up to an end result with being the last man standing or crowned the King, but for some reason, many of the most popular smartphone games do not, and are instead made up of increasingly hard levels that one must beat to move on to the next one.

They Can Be Cheap

While smartphone games’ graphics and user controls do not compare to those of an actual game console and controller—which is totally acceptable and understandable—the costs do not compare either because smartphone games are that much cheaper. When buying a new smartphone game, for many, including myself, $6+ is rather expensive and leaves me second-guessing whether I really need the game or not. Compare that to $60+ for Ps4 and Xbox games…

With that being said, people are far more likely to buy any and every smartphone app they think looks fun, test it out, and then make a decision from there. Gamers don’t always have that option or luxury when using gaming consoles due to the expensive nature of the games.

So you’re sitting there with your smartphone, trying to pick a game to play from your smartphone, thinking, “Damn, both these games are so much fun, and I can’t believe they were both only $2.” People will be psychology inclined to enjoy the game more simply because they paid so little for it—they won’t be expecting some grand finale, best-game-ever type ordeal so they won’t be anything but excited when they see how fun it actually is.

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